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de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.2

de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.I

English Music for Oboe
English Music for Oboe

Toshio Hosokawa CD
Toshio Hosokawa

Christian Wolff CD
Christian Wolff

Harmonic Labyrinth CD Cover
Harmonic Labyrinth

Berio Complete Sequenzas CD Cover
Complete Sequenzas

Interpretenportrait CD Cover

Watersmeet CD Cover

Prabhanda And Ragamalas CD Cover

Innovative Music Meeting CD Cover
The Innovative
Music Meeting

Britten Cello Suitesg CD Cover
Britten Cello Suites

Xenakis Epicycless CD Cover
Xenakis Epicycles

Pousseur CD Cover
Henri Pousseur

Kagel CD Cover
Mauricio Kagel

Feldman CD Cover
Morton Feldman

Dillon CD Cover
James Dillon
Rohan de Saram

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Mapped using what3words
Wednesday06 Nov 2019Switzerland, Basel 
Thursday05 Sep 2019Switzerland, Basel 
Monday02 Sep 2019Switzerland, Basel 
Saturday10 Aug 2019France, Cévennes; Le tout petit festival de St Germain de Calberte map
Thursday08 Aug 2019France, Cévennes; Le tout petit festival de St Germain de Calberte map
Monday05 Aug 2019Italy, Rimini; Sagra Musicale Malatestianawebsite
Wednesday24 Jul 2019San Marino; New Music Project till 05/08/2019 map
Saturday13 Jul 2019Swedeh, Loftahammar Kyrka 
Friday12 Jul 2019Sweden, Länna Kyrka 
Wednesday10 Jul 2019Sweden, Mariannelund 
Saturday22 Jun 2019UK, London, Pushkin House 
Wednesday29 May 2019UK, Wales; Recording 
Friday10 May 2019UK, Leeds University; Works by Student Composers; Master Class 
Thursday09 May 2019UK, Leeds Universitywebsite
Saturday04 May 2019Italy, Bologna: AngelicA; Teatro San Leonardowebsite
Thursday02 May 2019Italy, Bologna, Conservatorio G B Martini; Masterclasses till 05/02/2019 map
Monday29 Apr 2019Italy, Forli, Area Sismica; Masterclass map
Sunday28 Apr 2019Italy, Forli, Area Sismicawebsite
Saturday27 Apr 2019Italy, Modena, Teatro delle Passioniwebsite
Sunday13 Jan 2019Switzerland, Basel; recording 
Saturday12 Jan 2019Switzerland, Basel, Gare du Nord, Scelsi Festival 
Friday11 Jan 2019Switzerland, Basel, Gare du Nord, Scelsi Festival 
Thursday13 Dec 2018UK, London, Old Paradise Yard 20 Carlisle Ln SE1 7LG 8pmwebsite
Wednesday10 Oct 2018Switzerland, Berne, Papiermühlestrasse 13d, Grosser Konzertsaal map
Saturday06 Oct 2018Switzerland, Berne, Papiermühlestrasse 13d, Grosser Konzertsaal,
Masterclass to 09/10/2018
Tuesday25 Sep 2018Italy, Milan, Museo del Novecentowebsite
Monday17 Sep 2018UK, Oxford: Recording 
Monday06 Aug 2018Italy, Rimini; Sagra Musicale Malatestianawebsite
Saturday28 Jul 2018San Marino International Music Summer Courses to 08/08 flier
Sunday22 Jul 2018Sweden, Nykoping map
Saturday21 Jul 2018Sweden, Loftahammar map
Thursday28 Jun 2018Switzerland: recording 
Friday04 May 2018Switzerland, Basel Münster; Jurg Laederach Memorial Concert map
Tuesday27 Mar 2018Sri Lanka, Colombo, Lionel Wendt Theatre map
Wednesday07 Feb 2018UK, London, Sri Lankan High Commission, Hyde Pk Gdns map
Saturday13 Jan 2018Switzerland, Basel, Gare du Nord: 18:00hr map
Friday12 Jan 2018Switzerland, Basel, Gare du Nord: 20:00hr map
Thursday11 Jan 2018Switzerland, Basel, Gare du Nord: 20:00hr map
Sunday05 Nov 2017UK, Scotland, Aberdeen; The Barnwebsite
Saturday21 Oct 2017UK, Scotland, Aberdeen; SOUND Festival till 06/11/2017 
Sunday15 Oct 2017Italy, Turin: Castello di Rivoli, Rivoliwebsite
Saturday14 Oct 2017Italy, Miasino-Novara: Villa Nigrowebsite
Thursday12 Oct 2017Italy, Masterclass and rehearsal with the Xenia Ensemble;
12th and 13th October
Wednesday11 Oct 2017Italy, Turin; EstOvest Festival 2017 till 16/10/2017;
Recital and Masterclasses
Friday08 Sep 2017Sri Lanka, Colombo 
Saturday12 Aug 2017Sweden, Kalv; Kalvfestivalenwebsite
Saturday05 Aug 2017France, Cévennes; Le Tous Petit Festival de St Germain de Calberte, 18:00hrwebsite
Friday04 Aug 2017France, Cévennes; Le Tous Petit Festival de St Germain de Calberte, 18:00hrwebsite
Wednesday26 Jul 2017Italy, Panicale 
Tuesday18 Jul 2017San Marino Summer School; teaching till 28/07/2017 
Sunday18 Jun 2017UK, recording 
Wednesday14 Jun 2017UK, London; Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square at 7.30 
Sunday04 Jun 2017UK, recording 
Saturday13 May 2017UK, Oxford; masterclass at Oxford University 
Monday01 May 2017Italy, Bolzano-Bozen;
Conservatorio di Musica Claudio Monteverdi till 07/05/2017
Sunday02 Apr 2017Switzerland, Basel, Shakespeare Concert 15:00 Tituskirche 
Monday06 Mar 2017UK, London; City of London Boys' School map
Wednesday01 Feb 2017UK; recording till 05/02/2017 
Sunday08 Jan 2017Switzerland, Basel; Scelsi Festival, 20:00hr map
Sunday08 Jan 2017Switzerland, Basel; Scelsi Festival, 11:00hr map
Saturday07 Jan 2017Switzerland, Basel; Scelsi Festival, 18:00hr map
Sunday18 Dec 2016Italy, Turin; Conservatorio di Musica map
Saturday26 Nov 2016Germany, Weissenhorn; Fuggerschloss Weissenhorn Kirchplatz 5, 89264website
Wednesday19 Oct 2016Mexico, Guanajuato, Templo de la Valenciana; 12 noonwebsite
Tuesday18 Oct 2016Mexico, Guanajuato; University concert at Leon map
Friday14 Oct 2016Mexico, Festival Internacional Cervantino; till 18/10/2016 teaching and lecturing. map
Tuesday27 Sep 2016Switzerland, Basel; teaching at Musik-Akademie, Leonhardsstrasse 6, 4009 Basel map
Monday26 Sep 2016Switzerland, Basel; teaching at Musik-Akademie, Leonhardsstrasse 6, 4009 Basel map
Saturday17 Sep 2016Italy, Bolzano 
Monday12 Sep 2016Italy, Bolzano; teaching till 19/09/2016 map
Wednesday03 Aug 2016Sweden, Halmstad Kulturverketwebsite
Sunday31 Jul 2016Sweden, Loftahammar Kyrka map
Saturday30 Jul 2016Sweden, Mariannelund, Hassleby Kyrka map
Tuesday19 Jul 2016San Marino till 29/07/2016 - teachingwebsite
Thursday30 Jun 2016UK, London; Athenaeum 
Thursday16 Jun 2016Germany, Leipzigwebsite
Sunday12 Jun 2016UK; Recording 
Sunday05 Jun 2016UK; Recording 
Wednesday01 Jun 2016UK, London; adjudicating ROSL finals map
Thursday28 Apr 2016UK, London; Italian Cultural Institute, 7 pmwebsite
Sunday24 Apr 2016Italy, Pisa 
Saturday12 Mar 2016UK, London Ear Festival; Lunchtime Concertwebsite
Monday07 Mar 2016USA, Seattle till 09/03/2016 
Sunday21 Feb 2016Sweden, Norrköping map
Saturday20 Feb 2016Sweden, Södertälje till 21/02/2016 map
Friday12 Feb 2016UK, Brighton; Milton Babbitt Discovery Concert: MOOT (Music of Our Time) map
Thursday11 Feb 2016UK, London; adjudicating for ROSL till 16/02/2016 map
Saturday06 Feb 2016UK, London; Steiner Hall flier
Sunday10 Jan 2016Switzerland, Basel Scelsi Festival 
Friday08 Jan 2016Switzerland, Basel Scelsi Festival 
Tuesday01 Dec 2015UK, Recording 
Tuesday24 Nov 2015UK, Recording 
Thursday29 Oct 2015UK, Aberdeen S O U N D Festival; 7.30pm The Barn, Banchory map
Wednesday07 Oct 2015Scotland, Aberdeen University; 10am-4pm workshop 
Monday24 Aug 2015Austria, Vienna; recording till 25/08/2015 
Sunday23 Aug 2015Austira, Vienna; Arnulf Rainer Museum, Baden, 11 am map
Sunday16 Aug 2015Switzerland, Soglio; Chiesa S. Lorenzo map
Thursday13 Aug 2015Sweden, to 14/08 
Saturday08 Aug 2015France, Cévennes; Le Tout Petit Festival Musical de Saint-Germain-de-Calberte map
Wednesday29 Jul 2015Sweden 
Wednesday29 Jul 2015Sweden, Arvika map
Monday27 Jul 2015Sweden, Loftahammar map
Saturday25 Jul 2015Sweden, Mariannelund map
Sunday19 Jul 2015Italy, Assisi; FAI Bosco di San Francesco 21.00 map
Saturday18 Jul 2015Italy, Perugia; Palazzo Marini Clarelli Santi 21.30 map
Friday17 Jul 2015Italy, Rome; Fondazione Isabella Scelsi, Museo Casa Scelsi 21:30 flier
Wednesday15 Jul 2015Sweden 
Wednesday08 Jul 2015UK, London; Royal Overseas Leaguewebsite
Saturday04 Jul 2015Sweden, Stockholm; Blido Kyrka 
Tuesday16 Jun 2015UK, recording 
Tuesday02 Jun 2015UK, York University; student works for bassoon, cello & guitar
with Pascal Gallois (bassoon) & Magnus Andersson (guitar)
Saturday30 May 2015Republic of Ireland, Drogheda; St.Peter's CoI Church 8pm 
Tuesday28 Apr 2015UK, recording to 29/04/2015 
Sunday08 Mar 2015France, Poncé sur le Loir, Les Moulins de Paillardwebsite
Saturday07 Mar 2015France, Le Mans, La Fonderie; 8.30pmwebsite
Saturday07 Mar 2015France, Le Mans, La Fonderie; présentation concert, 11am 
Friday06 Mar 2015France, Le Mans, La Fonderie; Masterclass with students of Conservatoire Supérieur de Rennes 
Monday16 Feb 2015Austria, Graz; Tutors' Concert 8pm 
Friday13 Feb 2015Austria, Graz; 9th International Ensemble and Composers Academy to 25/02/2015website
Monday09 Feb 2015Germany, Köln; Recording 
Sunday08 Feb 2015Germany, Köln; Hauskonzert 5pm 
Tuesday03 Feb 2015Germany, Köln; Kammermusiksaal, Köln, 19.30
Saturday31 Jan 2015Germany, Aachen; Konzertsaal, Standort Aachen, 19.30
Thursday15 Jan 2015Switzerland: Master Class 
Saturday10 Jan 2015Switzerland, Basel; Hans-Huber-Saal des Stadtcasinoswebsite
Friday09 Jan 2015Switzerland, Basel; Hans-Huber-Saal des Stadtcasinoswebsite
Thursday08 Jan 2015Switzerland 
Sunday21 Dec 2014Switzerland, Berne; Blumenstein Church 11am 
Monday08 Dec 2014Austria, Vienna: Konzerthaus Mozartsaal 
Saturday29 Nov 2014UK, Falmouth: Studio Recording 
Friday28 Nov 2014UK, Penzance; The Exchange 
Thursday27 Nov 2014UK, Falmouth; Performance Centre at Falmouth University, Penryn;
workshop 2.30pm, concert 7.30pm,
Wednesday26 Nov 2014UK, St. Ives1; 2.00-3.00 schools concert 
Saturday22 Nov 2014UK, London; Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Rd. London NW1 6XTwebsite
Wednesday19 Nov 2014UK, Edinburgh University; Conversations Biography. Reid School of Music 12noon 
Tuesday18 Nov 2014UK, Edinburgh Universitywebsite
Thursday30 Oct 2014UK, York: Recording 
Wednesday29 Oct 2014UK, York; Concertwebsite
Tuesday28 Oct 2014UK, York; Workshop 
Saturday25 Oct 2014UK, Scotland, Aberdeen SOUND Festivalwebsite
Monday13 Oct 2014UK, London: Recording till 16/10/2014 
Monday06 Oct 2014UK, Manchester: Royal Northern College of Music, Master Class 
Tuesday16 Sep 2014UK, London; ****POSTPONED*****website
Sunday24 Aug 2014Sweden, Pelarne 
Saturday23 Aug 2014Sweden, Stockholm 
Sunday03 Aug 2014France, Averyon, Conqueswebsite
Saturday02 Aug 2014France, Aveyron, Conques: Radio Interview with Federic Lodeonwebsite
Sunday27 Jul 2014Sweden, Namndo 
Saturday26 Jul 2014Sweden, Sandhamn 
Wednesday23 Jul 2014Sweden, Tidersrum 
Thursday17 Jul 2014UK, Tunbridge Wells:
adjudicating International Young Concert Artists Competition till 20/07/2014
Saturday12 Jul 2014Switzerland, Soglio 
Sunday06 Jul 2014Switzerland, near Basel; Mendelssohn Society 
Sunday29 Jun 2014Sweden, Vikingstad 
Monday23 Jun 2014Sweden, Stenbrohult 
Sunday22 Jun 2014UK, Dartingtonwebsite
Friday20 Jun 2014UK, Chatham: Tone Festival, 6pm 
Wednesday07 May 2014Austria, Linz 
Monday28 Apr 2014UK, recording to 30/04/2014 
Tuesday01 Apr 2014UK, recording to 02/04/2014 
Saturday08 Mar 2014Sweden, Skinnskatteberg 
Tuesday04 Mar 2014UK, London: King's Place 
Sunday09 Feb 2014Germany, Stuttgart: Kunstmuseum 
Monday03 Feb 2014UK, recording to 04/02/2014 
Monday03 Feb 2014UK release of de Saram in Concert vol. II CD 
Friday10 Jan 2014Switzerland, Basel: Scelsi Festival 
Thursday09 Jan 2014Switzerland, Basel: Scelsi Festival 
Wednesday08 Jan 2014Switzerland, Basel: Scelsi Festival 
Monday23 Dec 2013UK: recording till 30/12/2013 
Wednesday27 Nov 2013UK, London, Austrian Cultural Forum 
Tuesday12 Nov 2013Germany, Stuttgart: Kunstmuseumwebsite
Friday01 Nov 2013UK, Scotland, SOUND Festival: book launch & recital 
Monday28 Oct 2013UK, London: Royal Overseas League, adjudicating Australian Cello Awards 
Saturday19 Oct 2013UK, London, St James's Church Sussex Gardens, 7.30pm 
Saturday28 Sep 2013Italy, Parma; Casa della Musica 
Friday23 Aug 2013Italy, Panicale: book launch & recital, Teatro Cesare Caporali 9pm 
Sunday04 Aug 2013France, Cévennes 
Wednesday10 Jul 2013Sweden, Möja Church, Möja 
Saturday15 Jun 2013Switzerland, Basel 
Thursday13 Jun 2013Italy, Rome: Casa Musea Scelsi 
Saturday18 May 2013Australia, Brisbane: radio interviewwebsite
Friday17 May 2013Australia, Brisbane: cello workshopwebsite
Thursday16 May 2013Australia, Brisbane: cricket banquetwebsite
Thursday16 May 2013Australia, Brisbane: Sequenza XIV masterclasswebsite
Wednesday15 May 2013Australia, Brisbane: The Dronewebsite
Tuesday14 May 2013Austalia, Brisbane: The Voicewebsite
Monday13 May 2013Australia, Brisbane; The Drumwebsite
Friday19 Apr 2013UK, London, Menier Gallery (The Chocolate Factory) 
Friday12 Apr 2013UK, Aberdeen, The Barn, Banchory 
Sunday03 Mar 2013UK, Townsend, Cornwallwebsite
Saturday02 Mar 2013UK, Truro, Cornwallwebsite
Friday01 Mar 2013UK, St Ives Tate, Cornwallwebsite
Friday30 Nov 2012Germany, Stuttgart 
Wednesday28 Nov 2012Sweden 
Tuesday27 Nov 2012Sweden 
Monday26 Nov 2012Sweden 
Friday09 Nov 2012Germany , Heidelberg, till 11/11/2012. Book launch 
Monday05 Nov 2012Germany, Stuttgart 
Sunday28 Oct 2012Germany, Stuttgart till 08/11/2012: masterclasses and concert 
Sunday21 Oct 2012Japan, Ishinomaki , Ishinomaki Ji; two concerts 
Friday19 Oct 2012Japan,Tokyo, with Momo Kodama (piano) 
Thursday18 Oct 2012Japan, Nagoya, Munetsugu Hall, with Momo Kodama (piano) 
Sunday07 Oct 2012UK, Aberdeen, Scotland. Haddow House at 11.30am 
Friday05 Oct 2012UK, Scotland till 08/10/2012, with Penelope Thwaites (piano) 
Tuesday04 Sep 2012Austria, Avantgarde Tirolwebsite
Saturday25 Aug 2012Austria, Rattenberg am Inn 
Friday17 Aug 2012UK, London, Beethoven Piano Society of Europe 
Saturday28 Jul 2012Sweden 
Thursday28 Jun 2012Sweden, Lagersberg Mansion, Eskilstuna, with Magnus Andersson (guitar)website
Sunday17 Jun 2012Armenia, Komitas Chamber Hall, Yerevan (evening)website
Saturday16 Jun 2012Armenia, Aram Khachaturian Hall, Yerevan (evening)website
Thursday14 Jun 2012Armenia, Babajanyan Concert Hall, Yerevan (evening)website
Tuesday12 Jun 2012Armenia, Komitas Chamber Hall, Yerevan (evening)website
Monday11 Jun 2012Armenia, Composers Retreat in Dilijan, 4 pmwebsite
Sunday10 Jun 2012Armenia, Komitas Chamber Hall, Yerevan (evening)website
Friday01 Jun 2012UK, London, Steiway Hall; Adjudicating The Gwyneth George Awardwebsite
Tuesday29 May 2012UK, London, Steinway Hall; Beethoven Chamber Music Masterclass 
Monday28 May 2012UK, London, Steinway Hall; Beethoven Chamber Music Masterclass 
Friday18 May 2012UK, MOOT Festival, Brighton website
Saturday28 Apr 2012Germany, Witten Festival, Witten, with Garth Knox, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, Frode Halti 
Friday27 Apr 2012UK, St Hilda's College, Oxford , with Jonathan Powell (piano) 
Sunday01 Apr 2012Germany: recording till 08/04/2012 
Friday09 Mar 2012USA, Lou Harrison House, Los Angeles till 22/03/2012 
Sunday15 Jan 2012UK, St Ives, (6.30 pm) 
Tuesday06 Dec 2011Norway, Oslo, adjudicating at the Norwegian Academy of Music 
Sunday04 Dec 2011UK, London Royal Academy of Music; with Adrian Bradbury (cello) 
Friday18 Nov 2011Canada, Montreal, till 28/11/2011 
Thursday17 Nov 2011UK, Grosvenor Chapel, South Audley St, London 
Friday04 Nov 2011Cyprus; Nicosia, Recital 
Thursday03 Nov 2011Cyprus; Nicosia, International Iannis Xenakis Conference to 04/11/2011 
Tuesday25 Oct 2011Spain, Denia 
Sunday02 Oct 2011Germany; Berlin, recording till 05/10/2011 
Saturday01 Oct 2011UK, St. John's Smith Square, London 
Tuesday27 Sep 2011BBC Radio 3: In Tune 
Saturday10 Sep 2011UK, recording till 17/09/2011 
Wednesday10 Aug 2011UK, Dartington 
Tuesday09 Aug 2011UK; Dartington, 19:45 in the Great Hall 
Saturday06 Aug 2011UK, Dartington, teaching week till 13/08/2011 
Wednesday03 Aug 2011France: Cévennes, Le Petit Festival de St. Germain de Calbertewebsite
Wednesday03 Aug 2011France: Cévennes, Le Petit Festival de St. Germain de Calbertewebsite
Saturday30 Jul 2011Italy, Pra Catinat, Recital 
Thursday28 Jul 2011Italy, Pra Catinat Festival, till 31/07/2011 
Monday18 Jul 2011France; Rheims, Festival Les Flaneries Musicaleswebsite
Saturday16 Jul 2011France; Rheims, Festival Les Flaneries Musicales; Conservatoire 20.30website
Saturday16 Jul 2011France; Rheims, Festival Les Flaneries Musicales; Maison Sainte-Sixte 11.30website
Thursday07 Jul 2011France; Rheims, Festival Les Flaneries Musicales; Synagoguewebsite
Sunday03 Jul 2011Germany; Edenkoben, 17:00pmwebsite
Sunday03 Jul 2011Germany; Edenkoben, 11:00amwebsite
Saturday02 Jul 2011Germany, Edenkobenwebsite
Tuesday14 Jun 2011Norway, Oslo, adjudicating at the Norwegian Academy of Music 
Friday27 May 2011UK, Oxford 
Tuesday24 May 2011UK, University of London Union, Malet Sreet 
Friday18 Mar 2011France, Nancy 
Sunday06 Feb 2011Italy, Ancona 
Friday28 Jan 2011USA, Los Angeles: CALARTS Xenakis Festival to 29/01/2011 
Thursday27 Jan 2011USA: Lou Harrison House, California 
Tuesday25 Jan 2011USA, Los Angeles: UCLA masterclass 
Monday24 Jan 2011USA, UCLA Masterclass 
Monday24 Jan 2011USA, Recording in LA till 25/01/2011 
Sunday23 Jan 2011USA, Los Angeles: Dilijan Concert Series/Lark Musical Society 
Thursday13 Jan 2011UK, St. John's Smiths Square, London: lunchtime concert 
Tuesday14 Dec 2010Cyprus, Pharos Trust 
Friday10 Dec 2010Cyprus till 17/12/2010: Recording 
Wednesday01 Dec 2010Rome, Italy (Sala Casella, Via Flaminia, 118- Roma)website
Thursday21 Oct 2010Brazil, Sao Paulo (SESC) 
Tuesday19 Oct 2010Brazil, Santos (SESC) 
Saturday16 Oct 2010London: Will Reed Centenary Concert, 24 Greencoat Place, London SW1; 020 7798 6000; 3pm 
Saturday09 Oct 2010Forli, Italy 
Wednesday06 Oct 2010Parma, Italy 
Thursday30 Sep 2010London, Cadogan Hallwebsite
Saturday25 Sep 2010London, The Regents Hall: Charity Concert 'Symhpony for a Child' (13) 
Saturday18 Sep 2010USA, Buffalo University 
Sunday12 Sep 2010Japan, Takefu Festivalwebsite
Friday10 Sep 2010Japan, Takefu Festival; 5pmwebsite
Friday10 Sep 2010Japan, Takefu Festival; 3pmwebsite
Wednesday08 Sep 2010Japan, Takefu Festivalwebsite
Monday06 Sep 2010Japan, Takefu Festivalwebsite
Sunday05 Sep 2010Japan, Takefu Festivalwebsite
Thursday19 Aug 2010Austria, Rattenberg (Tirol) 
Saturday07 Aug 2010France, Cévenneswebsite
Friday06 Aug 2010France, Cévenneswebsite
Tuesday03 Aug 2010Italy, Fenestrelle, Pra Catinat Centrewebsite
Monday02 Aug 2010Italy, Fenestrelle, Pra Catinat Centre: teachingwebsite
Saturday31 Jul 2010Hassleby, Sweden 
Thursday29 Jul 2010Norrbarke, Sweden 
Wednesday28 Jul 2010Bastad, Sweden 
Tuesday27 Jul 2010Halmstad, Sweden 
Sunday25 Jul 2010Kalmar, Sweden 
Monday12 Jul 2010Wiltshire , UK: Recording until 16/07/2010 
Friday09 Jul 2010France, Cluny 
Thursday08 Jul 2010France, Cluny 
Wednesday07 Jul 2010France, Cluny 
Tuesday22 Jun 2010Recording 
Sunday13 Jun 2010Recording in Brighton 
Sunday06 Jun 2010Recording in Brighton 
Saturday15 May 2010Los Angeles;Herbert Zipper Concert Hall, Colburn Schoolwebsite
Tuesday11 May 2010Los Angeles until 22/05: concert and recording 
Wednesday14 Apr 2010Italy, Macerata: Rassegna di Nuova Musica 
Tuesday13 Apr 2010Italy, Macerata: Rassegna di Nuova Musica 
Monday12 Apr 2010Italy, Macerata: Rassegna di Nuova Musica 
Thursday01 Apr 2010London, Kings Place: Darbar Festival 2010 
Thursday25 Mar 2010Sweden: Annan Musik, Norrkoping 
Monday22 Mar 2010Sweden: Samtida Musik, Stockholm 
Sunday21 Mar 2010Sweden: Kulturverket, Halmstad 
Saturday20 Mar 2010Sweden: Gerlesborg Arts School, Hamburgsund 
Friday12 Mar 2010Bremen: International Television Forum of Music 
Wednesday10 Mar 2010Bremen: International Television Forum of Musicwebsite
Sunday07 Mar 2010Germany: Black Box / CubaCultur, Achtermannstrasse, D 48151 Munsterwebsite
Saturday06 Mar 2010Germany: Museum Schloss Moyland, D 47551 Bedburg-Hau; 8pmwebsite
Sunday21 Feb 2010Cambridge, Kettles Yard; lunchtime recital 
Friday05 Feb 2010Residency at University of Minesota, Minneapolis; till 12/02 
Tuesday26 Jan 2010Berlin 
Tuesday19 Jan 2010Xenakis book launch, New York 
Monday11 Jan 2010Recording in Luxembourg until 12/01 
Sunday29 Nov 2009Paris, Théatre Dunois 
Saturday21 Nov 2009Helmsley, UK: Piano & Cello Recitalwebsite
Sunday15 Nov 2009Aberdeen S-O-U-N-D Festival: Banchory, Woodend Barnwebsite
Saturday14 Nov 2009Aberdeen S-O-U-N-D Festival: Aberdeen Art Gallerywebsite
Friday13 Nov 2009Aberdeen S-O-U-N-D Festival: Aberdeen Art Gallerywebsite
Thursday05 Nov 2009Guildford University, UK 
Sunday11 Oct 2009Little Missenden Festival, UKwebsite
Wednesday07 Oct 2009Levoča, Slovakia: Piano & Cello Recitalwebsite
Thursday01 Oct 2009London: The Forge, Camdenwebsite
Friday04 Sep 2009Panicale (Italy), 29/08/2009 till 07/09/2009 
Friday28 Aug 2009Tyrol (POSTPONED) 
Sunday26 Jul 2009Recording 
Sunday19 Jul 2009Recording 
Saturday11 Jul 2009Devon, UK: Solo Recital 
Sunday28 Jun 2009Brighton: recording till 29/06/209website
Tuesday23 Jun 2009Rome: Villa Massimowebsite
Wednesday10 Jun 2009Yerevan, Armenia; Komitas Chamber Music Hall 
Monday08 Jun 2009Yerevan, Armenia; Komitas Chamber Music Hall 
Monday01 Jun 2009Paphos: Royal Manor House, Kouklia 
Thursday14 May 2009Bremen 
Monday11 May 2009Frankfurt: teaching at the Hochschule till 13/05/2009 
Sunday10 May 2009Edenkoben, near Baden Baden: Duo with Flute 
Thursday30 Apr 2009Cologne: Cello Concerto (World Premier) 
Monday06 Apr 2009Warsaw: recording till 08/04/2009 
Monday30 Mar 2009Salisbury: recording 
Saturday21 Mar 2009London: charity concert 
Monday16 Mar 2009Madrid: Piano Trio Recital 
Friday13 Feb 2009University of York, UK: Solo and Duo Recitalswebsite
Wednesday21 Jan 2009California, UC Santa Barbara: Solo Recital & Masterclasswebsite
Tuesday20 Jan 2009California, Idyllwild Academy: Solo Recital 
Monday19 Jan 2009California, CalArts: Masterclass 
Sunday18 Jan 2009California, CalArts: String Trio Concertwebsite
Saturday17 Jan 2009California, UCLA: Masterclass 
Friday19 Dec 2008London, Spitalfields Festival; interval coffee shop talk on Bachwebsite
Tuesday16 Dec 2008Recording 
Monday15 Dec 2008Recording 
Thursday04 Dec 2008Denia, Spain 
Tuesday25 Nov 2008Brno 
Monday24 Nov 2008Brno. & 25th; Workshops & Recital 
Saturday22 Nov 2008Praguewebsite
Friday14 Nov 2008Basel 
Tuesday11 Nov 2008Saarbrucken 
Wednesday05 Nov 2008Lyon, La Tourette. To 09/11/2008 
Friday24 Oct 2008Heidelberg 
Saturday18 Oct 2008Nicosiawebsite
Thursday09 Oct 2008Berlin, Konzerthauswebsite
Sunday28 Sep 2008Parmawebsite
Saturday20 Sep 2008Ljubljana: recording 
Thursday18 Sep 2008Ljubljana 
Thursday04 Sep 2008Munich. Palace Hotel. 10 days of adjudicating. 
Wednesday09 Jul 2008Darmstadt 
Tuesday08 Jul 2008Darmstadt 
Saturday05 Jul 2008Darmstadt: teaching till 20/07/2009 
Thursday03 Jul 2008City of London Festival 
Friday20 Jun 2008Aldeburgh, St. Peter & St. Paul's Church 
Saturday07 Jun 2008Frankfurt. 3 days of masterclasses at Hochschule. 
Monday26 May 2008Colombo. Fundraising concert for the Sunera Foundationwebsite
Tuesday20 May 2008Frankfurt. Master Classes to 21st 
Saturday17 May 2008Modena 
Tuesday29 Apr 2008Venice. Teaching week with a concert on Saturday 3rd Maywebsite
Sunday27 Apr 2008London, Purcell Room 
Thursday24 Apr 2008Milan, University of Milan 
Tuesday15 Apr 2008Canterbury 
Tuesday08 Apr 2008London, Australia House.
Adjudicating for Perfoming Australian Music Competition finals
Wednesday02 Apr 2008London, Royal College of Music.
Adjudicating for Perfoming Australian Music Competition
Saturday15 Mar 2008Madrid 
Monday10 Mar 2008Denver, USA 
Friday07 Mar 2008Cleveland, USA 
Wednesday05 Mar 2008Paris, Hotel Lauzun 
Tuesday04 Mar 2008Paris, Hotel Lauzun 
Tuesday19 Feb 2008Stockholmwebsite
Monday18 Feb 2008Stockholm 
Thursday07 Feb 2008Leeds University (Lecture on cello techniques) 
Wednesday30 Jan 2008Madrid. A recital of works by Christian Wolff 
Tuesday29 Jan 2008Madrid. A recital of works by Christian Wolff 
Thursday24 Jan 2008Vienna, Konzerthaus 
Thursday20 Dec 2007Vietnam, Hanoi 
Sunday16 Dec 2007Ireland, Dublin: Printinghouse Festivalwebsite
Saturday15 Dec 2007Ireland, Dublin 
Wednesday28 Nov 2007Argentina, Bueno Aires 
Tuesday27 Nov 2007Argentina, Buenos Aires 
Wednesday21 Nov 2007Austria, Bludenz 
Wednesday07 Nov 2007Germany, Stuttgart 
Monday05 Nov 2007Germany, Stuttgart. Teaching week 
Saturday03 Nov 2007UK, Scotland, Aberdeen; Illustrated Talk; Improvisations with Fred Frithwebsite
Friday02 Nov 2007UK, Scotland, Aberdeen Sound
Tuesday30 Oct 2007UK, Scotland, Aberdeenwebsite
Friday26 Oct 2007Germany, Berlin; Recording 
Friday19 Oct 2007France, Paris; Recording till 21st 
Wednesday10 Oct 2007Norway, Oslo Ultima Festival 
Tuesday02 Oct 2007Japan, Tokyo; Recording till 5th 
Thursday27 Sep 2007Japan, Tokyo; Wonder Site. Duo Recital with Flute 
Thursday20 Sep 2007Japan, Tokyo. Duo Recital with Piano in the Presence of Empress Michiko 
Saturday15 Sep 2007Japan, Shizuoka 
Friday14 Sep 2007Japan, Shizuoka: lunchtime solo recital 
Friday31 Aug 2007Switzerland, Locarno 
Tuesday17 Jul 2007Portugal, Lisbon 
Tuesday26 Jun 2007UK, York University. 5.30pm recital 
Wednesday06 Jun 2007UK, London, Spitalfields; Programme for two celloswebsite
Sunday03 Jun 2007Canada, Toronto 
Friday11 May 2007UK, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Lunchtime recital 
Thursday10 May 2007UK, Cambridge University, Clare College. Master Class 
Sunday06 May 2007Italy, Venice 
Friday27 Apr 2007Mexico, Ensenada 
Tuesday17 Apr 2007Netherlands, Amsterdam: Gaudeamus 
Sunday15 Apr 2007Netherlands, Amsterdam: Gaudeamus. Adjudication week 
Saturday14 Apr 2007UK, London, Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music 
Friday13 Apr 2007UK, London, Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music 
Tuesday10 Apr 2007Spain, Madrid 
Saturday24 Mar 2007France, Cluny 
Monday12 Mar 2007USA, CALarts, LA, California. Teaching residency and recital 
Tuesday27 Feb 2007Sri Lanka, Colombo 
Sunday25 Feb 2007Sri Lanka, Colombo 
Wednesday14 Feb 2007Austria, Graz, IMPULS 2007. Lecturer, 15th-18th Februarywebsite
Monday05 Feb 2007Spain, Madrid 
Monday18 Dec 2006UK, London, Spitalfields Winter Festival: Shoreditch Church 
Friday01 Dec 2006Cyprus, Nicosia 
Saturday25 Nov 2006UK, Scotland, Aberdeen 
Friday24 Nov 2006UK, Scotland, Aberdeen 
Saturday18 Nov 2006UK, Helmsleywebsite
Tuesday14 Nov 2006UK, Scotland, Aberdeen 
Thursday09 Nov 2006Italy, Trieste 
Sunday05 Nov 2006Germany, Heidelbergwebsite
Saturday28 Oct 2006Germany, Munster 
Monday23 Oct 2006Spain, Santander 
Sunday17 Sep 2006UK, London 
Thursday14 Sep 2006Germany, Middelburg 
Wednesday13 Sep 2006Netherlands, Rotterdam 
Saturday09 Sep 2006Germany, Ruemlingenwebsite
Sunday03 Sep 2006Switzerland, Basel 
Wednesday23 Aug 2006Austria, Seefeld (Festival Avantgarde Tirol) 
Monday14 Aug 2006Germany, Darmstadtwebsite
Sunday13 Aug 2006Germany, Darmstadtwebsite
Thursday10 Aug 2006Germany, Darmstadtwebsite
Thursday27 Jul 2006Italy, Palencia 
Sunday23 Jul 2006Italy,Tolentino 
Tuesday04 Jul 2006Germany, Oldenburgwebsite
Friday16 Jun 2006UK, BBC3 
Tuesday06 Jun 2006UK, London, Spitalfields 
Wednesday29 Mar 2006Germany, Middelburg 
Sunday26 Mar 2006Germany, Berlin Maerzmusik 
Wednesday01 Mar 2006UK, Scotland, Edinburghwebsite
Thursday01 Dec 2005Italy, Turinwebsite
Saturday18 Jun 2005UK, London, The Music of Ink; British Museumwebsite
Sunday29 May 2005Ireland, Corkwebsite
Saturday15 May 2004UK, London, St John’s Smith Squarewebsite
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