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de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.2

de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.I

Prokofiev Cello Concerto, Sonata, Ballade
Cello Works

Bach Suite No. VI, Kodaly Solo Sonata
Bach, Kodaly


English Music for Oboe
English Music for Oboe

Toshio Hosokawa CD
Toshio Hosokawa

Christian Wolff CD
Christian Wolff

Harmonic Labyrinth CD Cover
Harmonic Labyrinth

Berio Complete Sequenzas CD Cover
Complete Sequenzas

Interpretenportrait CD Cover

Watersmeet CD Cover

Prabhanda And Ragamalas CD Cover

Innovative Music Meeting CD Cover
The Innovative
Music Meeting

Britten Cello Suitesg CD Cover
Britten Cello Suites

Xenakis Epicycless CD Cover
Xenakis Epicycles

Pousseur CD Cover
Henri Pousseur

Kagel CD Cover
Mauricio Kagel

Feldman CD Cover
Morton Feldman

Dillon CD Cover
James Dillon
Rohan de Saram
34 records
With Kate Lucas (flute)
22/06/2002: UK, Aldeburgh Snape Maltings Concert Hall; ; 55th Festival of Music and the Art.
19/03/1986: UK, Tunbridge Wells
16/11/1985: UK, Oxford
24/03/1985: UK, London, Camden Festival; SPNM (Society for the Promotion of New Music) Shaw Theatre
28/02/1985: UK, London, City University; Boulez
22/10/1984: France, Paris, Pompidou Centre
01/06/1984: Germany, Saarbrücken; Saarlandische Rundfunk
12/03/1984: UK, Durham
10/03/1984: UK, Stockton, Co Duham
13/10/1983: UK; BBC Radio 3; Music in our Time: East-West
18/08/1982: UK; BBC Radio 3; Approaches to the East
05/08/1982: UK; BBC Radio 3; Approaches to the East
17/04/1982: Belgium, Brussels; Recital with Douglas Young and Kate Lucas
04/12/1980: UK; BBC Radio 3; Music in our Time
29/11/1980: UK, Leeds
20/11/1980: UK, Bath; afternoon concert
17/11/1980: UK, Douglas Young Arts Council Tour till 29/11
16/11/1980: UK, London, Roundhouse - Douglas Young; 'Vox Balena', 'Kottos','Dunzaku'
19/05/1980: UK, Pousseur 'Echos', Lutoslovsky Variations, (Secher)
01/03/1980: UK, Scotland, St Andrews
28/02/1980: UK, Scotland, Edinburgh
15/11/1979: UK, Scotland, Aberdeen; Crumb
13/11/1979: UK, Scotland, Crumb
16/05/1979: UK, London, Guildhall School of Music, Barbican
16/05/1979: UK, London Guildhall School of Music, Barbican
14/10/1978: UK, Huddersfield
25/09/1977: Switzerland
15/01/1976: UK, London, Wigmore Hall
25/11/1975: UK, Leicester with Douglas Young; Kodaly, 'Echos' (Pousseur), Drum, 'Virages'
07/10/1975: UK RNCM Mancheser with Douglas Young; Pousseur 'Icare', 'Echos' J Dale Roberts
05/07/1975: Switzerland, Geneva Radio
03/07/1975: Switzerland, Basel Radio
01/04/1975: UK, London, Purcell Room with Douglas Young; Joplin, Lisztau, Drumming, Ravel 'Medecessa', Ligeti '100 Metronomes'
15/09/1974: Switzerland, Swiss Radio; approx date;
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Bach Cello Suites
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