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de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.2

de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.I

Prokofiev Cello Concerto, Sonata, Ballade
Cello Works

Bach Suite No. VI, Kodaly Solo Sonata
Bach, Kodaly


English Music for Oboe
English Music for Oboe

Toshio Hosokawa CD
Toshio Hosokawa

Christian Wolff CD
Christian Wolff

Harmonic Labyrinth CD Cover
Harmonic Labyrinth

Berio Complete Sequenzas CD Cover
Complete Sequenzas

Interpretenportrait CD Cover

Watersmeet CD Cover

Prabhanda And Ragamalas CD Cover

Innovative Music Meeting CD Cover
The Innovative
Music Meeting

Britten Cello Suitesg CD Cover
Britten Cello Suites

Xenakis Epicycless CD Cover
Xenakis Epicycles

Pousseur CD Cover
Henri Pousseur

Kagel CD Cover
Mauricio Kagel

Feldman CD Cover
Morton Feldman

Dillon CD Cover
James Dillon
Rohan de Saram
777 records
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Jagdish Mistry (violin)concertswebsite
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James Larter (percussion)concerts 
James Wood (percussion)concerts 
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Japan Academy Philharmonic Orchestraconcerts 
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Jean Pierre Robert (doublebass)concertswebsite
Jean Pougnet (violin)concerts 
Jean-Charles Francois (percussion)concertswebsite
Jean-Guiyen Queyras (cello)concerts 
Jean-Jacques Kantarow (violin)concerts 
Jean-Luc Shaignaud (baritone)concerts 
Jean-Pierre Drouet (percussion)concertswebsite
Jeffrey Crellin (oboe)concerts 
Jen-Luc Menet (flute)concerts 
Jeremy Barlow (flute)concerts 
Jiri Tancibudek (oboe)concerts 
Joanna MacGregor (piano)concerts 
Joel Levi (conductor)concerts 
Johannes Götz (piano)concerts 
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John Butcher (saxophone)concertswebsite
John Fraser (piano)concerts 
John Kenny (trombone)concertswebsite
John Mayer (tampura)concerts 
John Oakley-Tucker (baritone)concerts 
John Snijders (piano)concerts 
John Tilbury (piano)concerts 
John Trusler (violin)concerts 
John Williams (guitar)concerts 
Johnny Dankworth (saxophone)concerts 
Johnny Lapio (trumpet)concerts 
Jonathan Del Mar (conductor)concerts 
Jonathan Hill (violin)concerts 
Jonathan Leathwood (guitar)concertswebsite
Jonathan Mayer (sitar & tampura)concertswebsite
Jonathan Morton (violin)concerts 
Jonathan Powell (piano)concertswebsite
Jonathan Sparey (violin)concerts 
Josephine Nendick (mezzo-soprano)concerts 
Jovita Zähl (piano)concertswebsite
Judy Hill (violin)concerts 
Jukka Tiensuu (hapsichord)concerts 
Jukka Tiensuu (harpsichord)concerts 
Julian Clef (piano)concertswebsite
Julian Jacobson (piano)concerts 
Julie Kaufmann (soprano)concerts 
Juliette de Massy (soprano)concertswebsite
Julius Drake (piano)concertswebsite
Junge Deutsche Philharmonie Ingo Metzmacher (conductor)concerts 
Junichiro Murakami (viola)concertswebsite
Junko Yamamoto (piano)concertswebsite
Jutte Lamp (speaker)concerts 
Kari Kriikku (clarinet)concerts 
Karl Delseit (piano)concerts 
Karolina Öhmann (cello)concertswebsite
Kate Lucas (flute)concerts 
Kausikan Rajeshkumar (piano)concertswebsite
Kaya Han (piano)concerts 
Keisuke Okazaki (violin)concertswebsite
Keith Marjoram (double bass)concerts 
Keith Rowe (guitar)concerts 
Keith Swallow (paino)concerts 
Ken Hakii (viola)concerts 
Kenneth Griffith (narrator)concerts 
Kim Kashkashian (viola)concertswebsite
Kishani Jayasinghe (soprano)concertswebsite
Klangforum Wien, Johannes Kalitzke (conductor)concerts 
Krysia Osostowicz (violin)concerts 
Ku Hsiao Pei (soprano)concerts 
Kuniko Kato (percussion)concertswebsite
Kurt Wudmer (baritone)concerts 
Ladislao Vieni (viola)concertswebsite
Larry Polansky (guitar & mandolin)concertswebsite
Laura Aikin (soprano)concerts 
Leicester Schools’ Orchestra, Peter Fletcher (conductor)concerts 
Leicestershire Schools Orchestraconcerts 
Lemare Orchestra, Iris Lemare (conductor)concerts 
Leonardo Leonardi (piano)concerts 
Les Perussionists de Strasbourgconcerts 
Levine Andrade (viola)concerts 
Levon Chilingirian (violin)concerts 
Linda Hurst (mezzo-soprano)concerts 
Lionel Friend (conductor)concerts 
Lise-Martine Jeanneret (piano)concerts 
Liz Perry (violin)concerts 
London European Orchestraconcerts 
London Junior and Senior Orchestrasconcerts 
London Junior Orchestra, Ernest Read (conductor)concerts 
London Philharmonic Orchestra, Dietfried Bernet (conductor)concerts 
London Philharmonic Orchestra, John Pritchard (conductor)concerts 
London Sinfoniettaconcerts 
London Symphony Orchestraconcerts 
London Symphony Orchestra, Basil Cameron (conductor)concerts 
London Symphony Orchestra, Earnest Read (conductor)concerts 
Lori Freedman (clarinet)concertswebsite
Los Angeles Philharminic Orchestra; Zubin Mehta (conductor)concerts 
Lothar Zagrosek (conductor)concerts 
Louise Bessette (piano)concerts 
Lourdes Aubriz (soprano)concerts 
Lucas Fels (cello)concertswebsite
Luciano Beio (conductor,composer)concerts 
Luciano Jorio (viola)concerts 
Lucy Railton (cellist)concertswebsite
Luis Filipe Pires (piano)concerts 
Luisa Castellani (soprano)concerts 
Lukas Vis (conductor)concerts 
Luton Symphony Orchestra, Colin Smith (conductor)concerts 
M Tasso Janopoulo (piano)concerts 
Macha Yanouchevsk (cello)concerts 
Magda Filipczak (violin)concerts 
Magnus Andersson (guitar)concertswebsite
Malu Lin (violin)concerts 
Mandhira de Saram (violin)concertswebsite
Manuela Galizia (voice)concerts 
Marc Marder (doublebass)concerts 
Marc Sabat (violin)concertswebsite
Marc-André Hamelin (piano)concerts 
Marco Rogliano (violin)concertswebsite
Marcus Hinterhauser (piano)concerts 
Marek Choloniewski and electro acoustic works concerts 
Marga Deneke (piano)concerts 
Margaret Cable (mezzo soprano)concerts 
Margaret Field (soprano)concerts 
Margaret Marshall (soprano)concerts 
Margaret Schofield (piano)concertswebsite
Margaret Tunnel (piano)concerts 
Mari Kimura (harp)concerts 
Maria Amélia Abreu (voice)concerts 
Maria Donska (piano)concerts 
Maria Italia Biagi (piano)concerts 
Maria Lidka (violin)concerts 
Marianne Pousseur (narrator)concerts 
Marianne Schröder (piano)concertswebsite
Marino Formenti (piano)concertswebsite
Mario Caroli (flute)concertswebsite
Mark Menzies (violin)concertswebsite
Markus Stockhausen (trumpet)concerts 
Martin Brabbins (conductor)concerts 
Martin Nagy (tenor)concerts 
Martyn Hill (tenor)concerts 
Massimiliano Damerini (piano)concerts 
Matthew Barley (cello)concertswebsite
Matthew Hunter (viola)concerts 
Matyas Bartha (viola)concerts 
Mauro Tortorelli (violin)concerts 
Max Engel (cello)concerts 
Mayumi Miyata (shô)concerts 
Mehta Music Trioconcerts 
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Willem van Otterloo (conductor)concerts 
Members of Ensemble Rechercheconcerts 
Members of Tapestryconcerts 
Michèle Minne (viola)concertswebsite
Michael Hill (piano)concerts 
Michael Riessler (clarinet, saxophone)concertswebsite
Michel Beroff (conductor)concerts 
Michel Moragues (flute)concerts 
Michel Portal (clarinet)concerts 
Michele Campanella (piano)concerts 
Michele Mazzini (clarinet)concerts 
Michele Zukovsky (clarinet)concertswebsite
Michiko Hirayama (flute)concertswebsite
Mike Svoboda (trombone)concertswebsite
Milton Keynes Chamber Orchestraconcerts 
Miranda Fulleylove (violin)concerts 
Mircia Ardeleanu (percussion)concerts 
Miriam Fried (violin)concerts 
Momo Kodama (piano)concertswebsite
Monteverdi Cello Octetconcerts 
Montreal Symphony Orchestraconcerts 
Movses Pogossian (violin)concertswebsite
Mr Basnayake (piano)concerts 
Mstislav Rostropovich (piano 1986-11-29)concerts 
Munich Philharmonicconcerts 
Myers Foggin (conductor)concerts 
N.O. Moore (Guitar) concertswebsite
Nancy Ruffer (piccolo)concerts 
Naoko Yoshino (harp)concerts 
Nash Ensembleconcerts 
National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, Jean Martinon (conductor)concerts 
Neil Heyde (cello)concertswebsite
Netherlands Radio Orchestraconcerts 
Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra (Radio Filharmonisch Orkest)concerts 
Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra Hans Zender (conductor)concerts 
Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgartconcerts 
Neville Dilkes (conductor)concerts 
New London Ensembleconcerts 
New Philharmoniaconcerts 
New York Philharmonic, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski (conductor)concerts 
Nic Daniel (oboe)concerts 
Nicholas Cleobury (conductor)concerts 
Nicholas Isherwood (bass baritone)concertswebsite
Nicholas Magrielsarangiconcerts 
Nicol Hodges (piano)concerts 
Nigel Cox (piano)concerts 
Noelle Barker (soprano)concerts 
Norbert Blume (viola)concerts 
Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonieconcerts 
Noriko Kawai (piano)concertswebsite
Norman Del Mar (conductor)concerts 
North Staffordshire Symphony Orchestra, Caddick Adams? (conductor)concerts 
Northampton Symphony Orchestra, Graham Mayo (conductor)concerts 
Northern Symphony Orchestraconcerts 
Notburga Puskas (harp)concerts 
Nouritza Matossianconcertswebsite
Oberon Symphony Orchestraconcertswebsite
Odile Auboin-duhame (viola)concerts 
Olaf Henzolt (conductor)concerts 
Oliver Coates (cello)concertswebsite
Oliver Davies (piano)concertswebsite
Oliver Knussen (conductor)concerts 
Oonagh Devoy (video)concertswebsite
Option Bandconcerts 
Orchestra de Camera del'Angelicumconcerts 
Orchestra from Algheroconcerts 
Orchestra of the WDRconcertswebsite
Orchestra Sinfonica de Milano della RAIconcerts 
Orchestra Sinfonica di San Remo Anton Reck (conductor)concerts 
Orchestre Philharmonique du Lexembourg, Robert H Platz (conductor)concerts 
Oswald Russell (piano)concerts 
Other artistsconcerts 
Oxford Chamber Ensemble, Clive Muncaster (conductor)concerts 
Oxford Orchestral Society Jack Westrup (conductor)concerts 
Oxford Studio Orchestra, Leslie Thompson (conductor)concerts 
Oxford Symphony Orchestra, Leslie Thompson (conductor)concerts 
Oxford University Orchestral, Edward Ollerton (conductor)concerts 
Oxford University Orchestral, J A Westrup (conductor)concerts 
Paavo Berglund (conductor)concerts 
Pamela Cook (conductor, Cantamus)concertswebsite
Paolo Bartoluzzi (dancer)concerts 
Pascal Gallois (bassoon)concertswebsite
Patricia Rozario (soprano)concertswebsite
Patrick Piggott (piano)concerts 
Paul Gregory (guitar)concerts 
Paul Meyer (clarinet)concerts 
Paul Silverthorne (viola)concertswebsite
Penelope Thwaites (piano)concertswebsite
Penelope Walmsley-Clark (soprano)concerts 
Percival Leads (conductor)concerts 
Peter Hill (piano)concerts 
Peter Hirsch (conductor)concerts 
Peter Katin (piano)concerts 
Peter Mountain (conductor )concerts 
Peter van Bockstal (oboe)concerts 
Phil O'Connorconcertswebsite
Philharmonia Orchestra Conductor, Trevor Harvey (conductor)concerts 
Philip Langridge (tenor)concerts 
Philip Ledger (piano)concerts 
Philip Saudek (violin)concerts 
Philipp Kronbichler (piano)concerts 
Philippa Davies (flute)concerts 
Phyllis Bryn (soprano)concerts 
Pierre (harp)concerts 
Pierre Andre Valade (conductor)concertswebsite
Pierre Boulez (conductor)concerts 
Pierre Souvairan (piano)concertswebsite
Pierre-Laurent Aimard (piano)concerts 
Pierre-Yves Artaud (flute)concerts 
Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble David Stock (conductor)concerts 
Piyasara Shilpadhipathi (percussion, Kandyan drum)concertswebsite
Plymouth Symphony Orchestraconcerts 
Prabhu Singh (piano)concerts 
Preethi de Silva (harpsichord)concertswebsite
Professor Kui Dongconcerts 
Prometeo Quartet (Italy)concerts 
Qu Lei Lei (visual artist)concerts 
Quartetto Rothkoconcerts 
Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Sir Bernark Heinze (conductor)concerts 
Radio Symphony Orchestra of Berlinconcerts 
Radio Symphony Orchestra of Naplesconcerts 
Radio Symphony Orchestra of Viennaconcerts 
Rafael Puyana- (harpsichord)concerts 
RAI Symphony Orchestraconcerts 
Rainer von Zastrow (piano)concerts 
Rajesh Mehta (trumpet)concertswebsite
Ralf Ehlers (viola)concertswebsite
Ralph Holmes (violin)concerts 
Ralph Leavis (piano)concerts 
Rand Steiger (conductor)concerts 
Ranjini Trench (tanpura)concerts 
Raphael Radeax-Rogier (violin)concerts 
Raymond Strid (percussion)concertswebsite
Reading University Orchestra, Ronald Woodham (conductor)concerts 
Regina Cascais (piano)concerts 
Regis Pasquier (violin)concerts 
Reinbert de Leeuw (conductor)concerts 
Residentie Orkest of the Hague conductor from Japanconcerts 
Ricardo Chailly (conductor)concerts 
Richard Craig (flute)concertswebsite
Richard Drakeford (presenter,organ)concerts 
Richard Hickox Singersconcerts 
Richard O'Neill (viola)concertswebsite
Richard Pittman (conductor)concerts 
Richard Rodney Bennett (piano)concerts 
Richard Seal (conductor)concerts 
Rita Haldemann (piano)concerts 
Rob Conway (piano)concerts 
Robert Aitkin (flute)concerts 
Robert Ingliss (oboe)concerts 
Robert Pitman (conductor)concerts 
Robert Sutherland (piano)concerts 
Robert Ziegler (conductor)concerts 
Robert Zorn (percussion)concerts 
Roberto Fabbriciani (flute)concertswebsite
Roberto Fabbriciano (piccolo, flute, bass flute)concerts 
Robin Canter (oboe)concerts 
Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion)concertswebsite
Roderick Brydon (conductor)concerts 
Roger Reynolds (composer)concerts 
Roger Smalley (piano)concerts 
Roger Vignoles (piano)concerts 
Roger Williams (conductor)concerts 
Roger Woodward (piano)concertswebsite
Rohan de Saram (cello)concerts 
Rohan de Silva (piano)concerts 
Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (saxophone)concerts 
Romesh Gunesekera (writer)concerts 
Ronald Lumsden (piano)concerts 
Ronald Samuels (clarinet)concerts 
Ros Pople (cello)concerts 
Rosemary Furniss (violin)concerts 
Rosemary Hardy (soprano)concerts 
Royal Amateur Orchestral Society, Arthur Davison (conductor)concerts 
Royal Liverpool Philharmonicconcerts 
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Charles Groves (conductor)concerts 
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, John Pritchard (conductor)concerts 
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Malcolm Sargent (conductor)concerts 
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Sir Adrian Boult (conductor)concerts 
Royal Philharmonic Orchestraconcerts 
Ruediger Bohn (conductor)concertswebsite
Ryan Wigglesworth (conductor)concerts 
Südwestfunk Orchestra Jurg Wyttembach (conductor)concerts 
Sacha and his Melodistsconcerts 
Sally Beamish (viola )concerts 
Salome Kammer (speaker)concerts 
Salvatore Accardo (violin)concerts 
Sam Draper (conductor)concerts 
Sandeep Bhaghwati (electronics)concerts 
Sandeep Chakravorty (tabla)concerts 
Sanju Sahai (tabla)concertswebsite
Sarah Francis (oboe)concerts 
Sarah Gabriel (soprano)concertswebsite
Sarah Leonard (soprano)concerts 
Sarah Maxwell (viola)concerts 
Sasha and his Melodistsconcerts 
Sashko Gavriloff (violin)concerts 
Satie Quartet (France)concerts 
Schoenberg Ensembleconcerts 
Scottish Chamber Orchestraconcerts 
Scottish National Orchestraconcerts 
Scottish Symphony Orchestraconcerts 
Sebastian Andersson (piano)concerts 
Sebastian Enhamre, pianoconcerts 
Sebastien Lipman (harp)concertswebsite
Seiji Ozawa (conductor)concerts 
Sheffield Philharmonicconcerts 
Shousik Barsoumian (soprano)concertswebsite
Shuku Iwaki (piano)concerts 
Siegfried Mauser (piano)concerts 
Silja Aker-Johnsen (soprano)concertswebsite
Simon Limbrick (percussion)concerts 
Simon Rowland-Jones (viola)concerts 
Simon Wynberg (guitar)concerts 
Sinfonia 21 Daniel Harding (conductor)concerts 
Sir Adrian Boult (conductor)concerts 
Sophia de Saram (piano)concerts 
South Australian Symphony Orchestra (SASO), John Hopkins (conductor)concerts 
Spectrum, Guy Protheroe (conductor)concerts 
Sri Lanka Symphony Orchestra, Earl de Fonseka (conductor)concerts 
Stanford Robinson (conductor)concerts 
Stefan Asbury (conductor)concerts 
Stefan Hussong (accordion)concerts 
Stefan Litwin (piano)concerts 
Stefan Stopora (percussion)concerts 
Stefano Scodanibbio (double bass)concertswebsite
Steffen Schleiermacher (piano)concertswebsite
Stephan Froleyks (percussion)concertswebsite
Stephanie Field (mezz soprano)concerts 
Stephen McIntyre (piano)concerts 
Stephen Pruslin (keyboard)concerts 
Steven Hall (piano)concerts 
Steven Schich (percussion)concerts 
Stewart Nash (piano)concerts 
Stuart Johnson (conductor)concerts 
Suren de Saram (percussion)concertswebsite
Susan Bradshaw (piano)concerts 
Susan Milan (flute,piccolo)concertswebsite
Suzanne Leitz-Lorev (soprano)concerts 
Suzanne Rozsa (violin)concerts 
Sydney Mann (violin)concerts 
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Henry Kripps (conductor)concerts 
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Moshe Atzmon (conductor)concerts 
Sydney Watson (piano)concerts 
Sylvie Gazeau (violin)concerts 
Sylvio Gualda (percussion)concerts 
Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lankaconcerts 
Tadej Kenig (clarinet)concertswebsite
Tanya Ekanayaka (piano)concertswebsite
Tasmanian State Orchestra, Tibor Paul (conductor)concerts 
Tasso Janopoulo (piano)concerts 
Teddy Ezra (clarinet)concertswebsite
Teodoro Anzellotti (accordion)concerts 
Tess Miller (oboe)concerts 
Thames Philharmonia (organised by Levine Andrade)concerts 
Theatre of Voicesconcerts 
Thomas Adès (piano)concerts 
Thomas Kakuska (viola)concerts 
Tim Carey (piano)concertswebsite
Tim Peake (piano)concerts 
Tom Lee (percussion)concerts 
Tom McCall (piano)concerts 
Tomoki Tai (cello)concertswebsite
Tony Arnold (soprano)concerts 
Tony Garcia (double bass)concerts 
Toronto Symphony Orchestraconcerts 
Toru Takemitsu (composer)concerts 
Toshio Hosokawa (composer)concerts 
Trichy Sankaran (percussion)concerts 
Trio le Circle (percussion trio)concerts 
Tryggvi Tryggvason (electronic realisation)concerts 
Tunbridge Wells Orchestraconcerts 
Tunji Beier (percussion)concertswebsite
Twelve cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestraconcerts 
Two Dancersconcerts 
Ulrike Zauelberg (cello)concerts 
Ursula Oppens (piano)concerts 
Uwe Dierksen (trombone)concerts 
Valentin Erben (viola,cello)concerts 
Valentine Basnayake (piano)concerts 
Vanessa Tomlinson (percussion)concertswebsite
Varty Manouelian (violin)concertswebsite
Veena Sahasrabuddhe (vocalist)concertswebsite
Vera Moore (piano)concerts 
Vernon Handley (conductor)concerts 
Victoria Schneider (soprano)concerts 
Vilem Tausky (conductor)concerts 
Vincent Royer (viola)concertswebsite
Vipuli (Kandyan dancer)concerts 
Viswa Subbaraman (conductor)concerts 
Voce Quartetconcerts 
Vogler Quartetconcerts 
Vokalsolisten Stuttgartconcerts 
Walter Susskind (conductor)concerts 
Western Australia Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Mayer (conductor)concerts 
Western Theatre Balletconcerts 
Wilfried Boettcher (conductor)concerts 
William Buck (guitar)concerts 
William Hancox (piano)concerts 
William Sleath (flute, piccolo, alto flute)concerts 
William Steinberg (conductor)concerts 
Winifred Roberts (violin)concerts 
Wofram von Bodecker (mime)concerts 
Wolfram Christi (viola)concerts 
Wright Henderson (piano)concerts 
Xenia Ensembleconcerts 
Yamani Fuentes Anaya (flute)concerts 
Yang Lian (poet)concerts 
Yegor Dyachkov (cello)concerts 
Yitkin Seow (piano)concerts 
Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchecstra, Kazuyoshi Akiyama (conductor)concerts 
Yunko Yamamoto (piano)concertswebsite
Yvar Mikhashoff (piano)concerts 
Yvonne Kenny (soprano)concerts 
Zeng Laide (calligrapher)concerts 
Zoltan Pesko (conductor)concerts 
Zsigmond Szathmary (organ)concertswebsite
Zubin Mehta (conductor)concerts 
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