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de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.2

de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.I

Prokofiev Cello Concerto, Sonata, Ballade
Cello Works

Bach Suite No. VI, Kodaly Solo Sonata
Bach, Kodaly


English Music for Oboe
English Music for Oboe

Toshio Hosokawa CD
Toshio Hosokawa

Christian Wolff CD
Christian Wolff

Harmonic Labyrinth CD Cover
Harmonic Labyrinth

Berio Complete Sequenzas CD Cover
Complete Sequenzas

Interpretenportrait CD Cover

Watersmeet CD Cover

Prabhanda And Ragamalas CD Cover

Innovative Music Meeting CD Cover
The Innovative
Music Meeting

Britten Cello Suitesg CD Cover
Britten Cello Suites

Xenakis Epicycless CD Cover
Xenakis Epicycles

Pousseur CD Cover
Henri Pousseur

Kagel CD Cover
Mauricio Kagel

Feldman CD Cover
Morton Feldman

Dillon CD Cover
James Dillon
Rohan de Saram
17 records
27 April 2005Spain, Salamanca; Morning Masterclass with Bombin Quartet UnknownUnknown Items 
09 May 2005UK, Birmingham Conservatoire, Adrian Boult Hall; John Mayer memorial concert UnknownUnknown Items 
04 July 2005France, Metz, Acanthes Summer Festival; till 16th Workshops with students from USA, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, UK, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal UnknownUnknown Items 
17 July 2005France, Metz, Acanthes, Salle de l'Esplanade; concert of student works from Quartet workshops UnknownUnknown Items 
12 October 2005Switzerland, Boswill; till 14th. Workshop/Composers Course focusing on works by Olga Rajewa, Beat Gysin, Mark Steinhauser, Alexandra Filonenko, Biao Chen, Erik Ulman UnknownUnknown Items 
14 October 2005Switzerland, Boswill, Alte Kirche; final workshop/oncert of student works focusing on works by Olga Rajewa, Beat Gysin, Mark Steinhauser, Alexandra Filonenko, Biao Chen, Erik Ulman UnknownUnknown Items 
15 October 2005Switzerland, Berne, Hochschule der Kuenste; inclded three works from the Boswill course. UnknownUnknown Items 
17 December 2005Germany, Stuttgart, Staatlichen Hochschle für Musik und Darstellende Kunst; student repertoire. Prize-giving concert, student repertoire. UnknownUnknown Items 
16 March 2007USA, California; REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theatre, California Institute of the Arts UnknownUnknown Items 
17 July 2007Portugal, Lisbon; Grande Auditorio, Gulbenkian Building; Concert of works commissioned or co-commissioned by the Gulbenkian UnknownUnknown Items 
07 November 2007Germany, Stuttgart, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst. Konzdertsaal recital by cello tutors. UnknownUnknown Items 
22 September 2010USA, Buffalo University; workshop UnknownUnknown Items 
10 December 2010Cyprus till 17/12/2010: Recording with Movses Pogossian (violin) : duos by Artur Avanisov, Vache Sharafyan, Evis Sammoutis & Andreas Tsiartas UnknownUnknown Items 
18 November 2011Canada, Montreal, till 28/11/2011; Rohan working with Sandeep Bhaghwati on electronically modified cello improvisations UnknownUnknown Items 
28 July 2012Sweden UnknownUnknown Items 
09 November 2012Germany , Heidelberg, till 11/11/2012. Book launch “Conversations” by Joachim Steinheuer and Rohan; Links Festival, biennale für neue musik Neuemusikundspiritualität, all-day conference with Joachim Steinheuer and others and concert UnknownUnknown Items 
18 October 2016Mexico, Guanajuato; University concert at Leon; programme featured forty minutes of music from the repertoire for the concert on 19th October UnknownUnknown Items 
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Bach Cello Suites
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