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de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.2

de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.I

Prokofiev Cello Concerto, Sonata, Ballade
Cello Works

Bach Suite No. VI, Kodaly Solo Sonata
Bach, Kodaly


English Music for Oboe
English Music for Oboe

Toshio Hosokawa CD
Toshio Hosokawa

Christian Wolff CD
Christian Wolff

Harmonic Labyrinth CD Cover
Harmonic Labyrinth

Berio Complete Sequenzas CD Cover
Complete Sequenzas

Interpretenportrait CD Cover

Watersmeet CD Cover

Prabhanda And Ragamalas CD Cover

Innovative Music Meeting CD Cover
The Innovative
Music Meeting

Britten Cello Suitesg CD Cover
Britten Cello Suites

Xenakis Epicycless CD Cover
Xenakis Epicycles

Pousseur CD Cover
Henri Pousseur

Kagel CD Cover
Mauricio Kagel

Feldman CD Cover
Morton Feldman

Dillon CD Cover
James Dillon
Rohan de Saram
69 records
19 May 2005Belgium, GhentIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
08 October 2005UK, London, Queen Elizabeth HallIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
01 December 2005Italy, Turin, Associazione Xenia Ensemble, Est-Ovest 2005, Rassegna di Musica Contemporanea Maison Musique, RivoliIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
15 December 2005Germany, Stuttgart, Staatlichen Hochschle für Musik und Darstellende KunstIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
16 December 2005Germany, Stuttgart, Staatlichen Hochschle für Musik und Darstellende Kunst. Solo items by both cellists, Rohan and Christophe Roy, Rohan performing Kottos by Iannis Xenakis, Sequenza XIV by Luciano Berio and Solipse by Rolf GehlhaarIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
04 July 2006Germany, Oldenburg; Oh Ton, Oldenburger Kunstverein Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
10 August 2006Germany, Darmstadt Orangerie; 43rd Internationale Ferienkurse Für Neue Musik Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
25 August 2006Austria, Seefeld; Avantgarde Tirol; 10th Internationake Akademie für Neue Komposition und Audio-Art, Seefeld in Tirol; masterclasses Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
03 September 2006Switzerland, BaselIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
28 October 2006Germany, KlanZeit Münster; Erbdrostenhof; The Four Elements: improvisations for cello trumpet; Rajesh Mehta: Imaginational Map #2 for hybrid trumpet, slide trumpet and cello Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
25 November 2006UK, Scotland, Aberdeen; SOUND Festival; MacRobert Building, University of Aberdeen. Ensemble of twelve local musicians, conductor - John Harris; Nouritza Matossian: biographer of Xenakis: Narration, images and film introduced by Nouritaza with Xenakis' cello works Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
01 December 2006Cyprus, Nicosia; The Pharos Trust Xenakis Week; Pasydy Auditorium. The Life and Music of Iannis Xenakis, Architect of Sound, Multi-Media Encounter; Pasydy Auditorium; Nouritaza Matossian: biographer of XenakisIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
18 December 2006UK, London, Spitalfields Winter Festival: Shoreditch ChurchIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
12 March 2007USA, CALarts, LA, California. Teaching residency till 17th and recital Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
16 March 2007USA, California; REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theatre, California Institute of the ArtsIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
27 April 2007Mexico, Ensenada; 5th Festival Internacional de Musica y Musicologia, Ensenada, Baja CaliforniaIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
11 May 2007UK, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Lunchtime recital; Department of Music and Performing Arts, Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin UniversityIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
03 June 2007Canada, Toronto; The Music Gallery at St George the MartyrIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
26 June 2007UK, York University. 5.30pm recital; Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, University of YorkIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
31 August 2007Switzerland, LocarnoIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
27 September 2007Japan, Tokyo; Wonder Site. Duo Recital with FluteIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
28 November 2007Argentina, Buenos AiresIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
19 February 2008Sweden, Stockholm, Stockholm New Music "Tradition in Transition"; Rönnells Antikvariat Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
10 March 2008USA, Denver; The Robert & Judy Newman Centre for Performing Arts - Frederic C Hamilton Family Recital Hall, University of DenverIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
15 April 2008UK, Canterbury, Hinde Street Methodist Church; Rohan (guest soloist) with six cellists from Endymion, conductor Orlando Jopling . Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
27 April 2008UK, London, Purcell Room; Rohan (guest soloist) with six cellists from Endymion, conductor Orlando Jopling . Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
20 June 2008UK, Aldeburgh; 61st Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts, church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Aldeburgh Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
18 September 2008Slovenia, Ljubljana; Slovenska Filharmonija Kozinova DvoranaIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
28 September 2008Italy, Parma; Traiettorie 08 XVIII Rassegna internazionale di musica moderna a contemporanea, Casa della Musica. With other works for electronics by Fabio Cifariello and by Francesco Maria Paradiso, sound engineersIannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
24 October 2008Germany, HeidelbergIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
05 November 2008France, Lyon, La Tourette. To 09/11/2008; La Tourette Convent, ĖveuxIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
11 November 2008Germany, Saarbrucken; Forum Neue Musik Stadtgalerie Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
22 November 2008Czech Republic, Prague, La Fabrika Theatre; Contempuls Contemporary Music Festival Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
25 November 2008Czech Republic, BrnoIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
04 September 2009Italy, Panicale, 29/08/2009 till 07/09/2009; Teatro Cesare CaporaliIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
19 January 2010USA, New York, Xenakis book launch; Triple Gala Event. Elebash Hall at the CUNY Graduate CentreIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
21 February 2010UK, Cambridge, Kettles Yard; lunchtime recitalIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
06 March 2010Germany, Museum Schloss Moyland, D 47551 Bedburg-Hau; 8pmIannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
07 March 2010Germany, Black Box / CubaCultur, Achtermannstrasse, D 48151 MunsterIannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
12 March 2010Germany, Bremen : Plantage 13, International Television Forum of Music Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
03 August 2010Italy, Fenestrelle, Pra Catinat Centro di Soggiorno; 13th International Chamber Music Course for young string players. Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
06 August 2010France, Cévennes; Le tout-petit festival musical de St Germain-de-Calberte. Le Temple Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
23 September 2010USA, Buffalo University Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
06 October 2010Italy, Parma; Casa della Musica, Auditorium Paganini; Traiettorie 20 Fondazione Prometeo XX Rassegna Internazionale di Musica Moderna e ContemporaneaIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
09 October 2010Italy, ForliIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
01 December 2010Italy, Rome; 47th Festival di Nuova Consananza, Rome (Gesti Notturni)Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
27 January 2011USA, Lou Harrison House, CaliforniaIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
28 January 2011USA, Los Angeles: CALARTS Xenakis Festival at REDCAT (Roy & Edna Disney/CALARTS Theatre) to 29/01/2011 Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
07 July 2011France; Rheims, Festival Les Flâneries Musicales; Synagogue; Rohan “Carte Blanche á Rohan de Saram” Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
13 July 2011France, Rheims; Festival Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims; Conservatoire Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
18 July 2011France; Rheims, Festival Les Flaneries Musicales; Conservatoire Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
30 July 2011Italy, Pra Catinat, RecitalIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
09 August 2011UK; Dartington, 19:45 in the Great HallIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
25 October 2011Spain, Denia, Teatre Auditori Centre Social Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
04 November 2011Cyprus; Nicosia, Recital; Iannis Xenakis - In Memoriam International Conference European University Cyprus The Shoe FactoryIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
09 November 2012Germany , Heidelberg, till 11/11/2012. Book launch “Conversations” by Joachim Steinheuer and Rohan; Links Festival, biennale für neue musik Neuemusikundspiritualität, all-day conference with Joachim Steinheuer and others and concertIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
19 April 2013UK, London, Menier Gallery (The Chocolate Factory). to celebrate Andrew Paterson, 'Recent Paintings' Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
13 June 2013Italy, Rome: Casa Musea ScelsiIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
15 June 2013Switzerland, BaselIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
10 January 2014Switzerland, Basel: Scelsi Festival; Gare du NordIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
20 June 2014UK, Chatham: Tone Festival, 6pm; The Historic Naval Dockyard, ChathamIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
23 August 2014Sweden, StockholmIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
16 February 2015Austria, Graz; Tutors' Concert 8pmIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
19 July 2016San Marino till 29/07/2016 - teaching; San Marino International Music Summer courses, New Music Project 2016 Rohan and other artists; Rohan teaching cello, strings, ensemble, and improvisation, with student concert on 28th July at Cinema Teatro Turismo, San Marino: Repertoire Rohan worked on with his students: Iannis Xenakis: Kottos; Luciano Berio: Sequenza XIV written for Rohan; Helmut Lachenmann: Pression; Enno Poppe: Herz; Benjamin Britten: Cello Suite No. 1; ImprovisationsIannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
17 September 2016Italy, Bolzano; Il Violoncello Contemporaneo Episode II Chiostro del Conservatorio di MusicaIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
26 September 2016Switzerland, Basel; teaching at Musik-Akademie, Leonhardsstrasse 6, 4009 BaselIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
13 May 2017UK, Oxford; masterclass at Oxford University, Faculty of Music, Holywell Music RoomIannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
06 October 2018Switzerland, Berne, Papiermühlestrasse 13d, Grosser Konzertsaal,
Masterclass to 09/10/2018
Iannis Xenakis (website)Kottos 
04 May 2019Italy, Bologna: Teatro San Leonardo; Angelica Centro di Ricerca MusicaleIannis Xenakis (website)Kottoswebsite
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